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There are few companies in Uk that can match our success and innovation. We’re constantly looking to grow the Maeme's Family of restaurants, with locations all over Uk for everyone!

What You Need

Do you have the skills and financial resources to own your very own restaurant franchise? You'll need at least £60,000 in unencumbered funds. As a Franchisee you will be expected to lead from the front by working within our framework so that we can give yourself the greatest chance of success.

What You Will Get

You can be a world-class restaurant owner with our help. We offer support and training for all the components of owning, operating, or franchising one of these iconic brands to make sure you have an amazing experience.

Could I Be A Franchisee

Maeme's Franchisees come from a diverse range of personal and professional backgrounds, but there are some qualities they share. Get to know them by meeting our franchisee roster now!

Why Chose Us?

Why choose

Maeme's Global Development

We are excited to develop the Maeme's brand into an international organization with a business vision.

Existing Opportunities

We are looking for companies or individual who value customer service and will go out of their way to make the customers happy.

Established Brand

In order to promote your business, you should make sure that all of the necessary tools are available. This includes promotional flyers in store and outside, as well as special offers leaflets with discounts!

Local & National Advertising

Maeme's has a reputable marketing team that often uses the power of local and National advertisers to promote their grand openings.

Take ownership of your time.

Running your own restaurant is a demanding and rewarding opportunity. You have the flexibility to choose when, where, what you work on because it's all up to you! So if striking that perfect balance between life at home or out with friends sounds like too much pressure for one person then head over here and check us out - we're happy to show how awesome this can be. You can live and work in the same place with our franchise! You'll be able to determine how you spend your time, whether that means cooking for hours on end or spending more quality time at home.

Online Presence

Maeme's has a fantastic website in place, and each store offers their own section where customers can Order Online to the specific store. Viewers will have access to Menu specials as well as Location details all on one page with no need for navigation!


We are always here for you, 24 hours a day. Our state of the art technology means that your food order is never lost or forgotten and our amazing deals will be available to you every single day!

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Maeme's Healthy Fresh Grilled Food has grown from strength to strength. The Company is now the largest restaurant chain in the world, serving over 13 million customers and franchisees a year with their nutritious menu items that are grilled right before your eyes!.

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