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  • If you are a hands-on operator, willing to put in the daily attention required to ensure your Meames is profitable and meets the business requirements of our brand, then this is the opportunity for you

  • You’ll need to love working with people, as pleasing customers will be the key to success.

To Become Franchisee

Discover The Steps

When you become a Meame's franchisee, you can rest assured that we will provide you with all the training necessary to help you make a success of your business. However, success will ultimately depend on your hard work and commitment.

Follow The Steps
To Become Franchisee

Application Process

  • 1-Make Application

    If you like what you have seen? Then it’s time to apply. Make sure you have your financial details and references at hand to aid your application.

  • 2-Interview

    This is our chance to get to know each other better and discover why you think you’d be a great Franchisee and a good fit for Maeme's. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask us a few questions too.

  • 3-Resturant Experience

    This stage of the process will see you spend five days in a restaurant. It’s a fantastic chance for you to see how restaurants operate and start thinking about how you might run yours. You’ll get to see our operating systems, and have the chance to engage with an established team.

  • 4-Panel Interview

    A panel interview will be held following a successful second interview. At this stage, you’ll have a final interview with three senior Vice Presidents from the company.

  • 5-Traning

    Following a successful panel interview you’re now ready to start training. You’ll be given enough time and notice before you start. We will work round your availability but the training will require your dedication and commitment. The training combines theory and practice, giving you both practical restaurant experience and classroom learning for a minimum of 26 weeks, followed by a business immersion and handover process. We have also introduced an educational bursary to help you financially during your training period.

  • 6-Resturant Offer

    During your training you may be presented with an offer to purchase the right to run a restaurant. If you accept, we’ll start the handover process.

  • 7-Handover Resturan

    The big day. You’ll receive the keys and the day-to-day running of the restaurant is over to you – but you won’t be left to go it alone. Our Franchisee Consultant will be on hand to give you expert advice and look to support you as you transition into the restaurant.

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