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  • If you're an entrepreneur, eager for the challenge of running a business from day to day and dedicated to making sure that your Meames meets all requirements necessary in order for it to be profitable then this is the perfect opportunity.

  • You’ll need to love working with people, as you will be the customer's best friend!

To Become Franchisee

Discover The Steps

At Meame's, we believe that your success is our success. That's why the franchising process includes a complete training program to provide you with all of the skills and knowledge needed for running an independent business. As long as you put in hard work and dedication, there are no limits on what could be achieved!
Become part of something bigger at Meame's today by becoming a franchisee now! Our exclusive training programs will give you everything from start-up advice to marketing strategies so that opening up shop becomes easy peasy lemon squeezy - not only for us but also for yourself. We're confident enough about this investment opportunity because it means both continued support AND independence when building out your own successful small business venture.

Follow The Steps
To Become Franchisee

Application Process

  • 1-Make Application

    If you are ready for a new challenge? Apply to join now! We have plenty of job openings that offer an excellent benefits package. Apply today and experience what our company has to offer

  • 2-Interview

    This is your chance to get to know the team and discover why you think this opportunity would be a great fit for both of us. You'll also have an opportunity ask some questions, which we are more than happy to answer!

  • 3-Resturant Experience

    This stage of the process will see you spend five days in a restaurant. It’s an amazing chance for you to experience what it's like running one and start thinking about how yours might operate. You'll get to see our team at work, learn more about the industry from them, and have tons of fun!

  • 4-Panel Interview

    After you have a successful second interview, the company will invite you back for an extra panel interview. This is your chance to feel out three senior Vice Presidents and see if it feels like this might be where you need to be!

  • 5-Traning

    Following a successful panel interview you’re now ready to start training. With enough time and notice, we will work around your availability so the important thing is that you show up for class on time every day. The required dedication should not be an issue given how much it means to get this job!
    The training combines theory and practice, giving you both practical restaurant experience and classroom learning for a minimum of 26 weeks. It also includes an educational bursary to help cover your expenses during the course.

  • 6-Resturant Offer

    During your training, you may be presented with an offer to purchase the right of running a restaurant. If accepted, we'll start the handover process and transition into operating it for you!

  • 7-Handover Resturan

    The big day is finally here. You’ll receive the keys and after that, it's all yours - but you won't be left to go at this alone. Our Franchisee Consultant will be on hand from start till finish with expert advice and general support as you transition into your new restaurant career.

If you're interested in what we have to offer then go ahead and contact us. You'll be glad you did!

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