Thank You!

We have recived your Francise request. our Franchising Representative will contact you soon.

Our Progress

In 2003, our business was very different from how it is today. In the past 15 years, we’ve almost tripled the amount of Franchised restaurants, as well as grown the cash flow and top line sales within the restaurants.

Banks and credit

Maemes's has a number of long standing relationships with banks who can lend to Franchisees, offering you investment opportunities that perhaps otherwise wouldn’t be available.

The target market/audience

Maemes's goals to porvide friendly environment for every one. This means appealing families, workers grabbing brakefast on the go or eating in to enjoy our freshly shakes and drinks and free wifi.

Maeme's marketing policies

Maeme's marketig and advertising gos through a number of different processes and aproval stages to ensure it complies with advertising standards regulations.

How The Business Works

You will spend 5% of your sales on advertising

Not necessarily. We believe in creating an HONEST, OPEN and TRANSPARENT long term mutually beneficial relationship for everyone in the Maeme's family.

You will have Two months of unpaid training to learn how our system works. First you have to "Learn" after that you can remove "L".

You will have to divest yourself to give all your attention to Maeme's Franchise.

Maeme's dose not make any profit claims. The amount of sales you generate is based on many variables and may differ according to the market you are operating in. Some variables can include location, occupany costs, operating costs, fainancing costs etc. You can also contact and have meeting with our existing franchisees to gain a better understanding.

As a rapidly growing international franchise system, Maeme's reviews and receives several substantial applications in a month. Application are processed first in first out basis. if you meets the standard requirements you will be contacted by a representative of Maeme's and meating will be arranged.

No. However, each restaurant must have highly qualified, experienced General Manager.

No. That is the franchisee's reponsability. Franchisee's need to obtain legal advice and counsel regarding all lease negotiations.