Franchising explained

We are looking for companies or individual who are enthusiastic and value customer service. To become an approved franchisee your business plan must demonstrate market knowledge and the ability to access funds.

Maeme's Global Development

We are keen to develop the Maeme's brand internationally and are interested in speaking to individuals or organizations who have experience in the fast food sector or those with Entrepreneurial vision.

Online Presence

Maeme's has a fantastic website in place and each store has its own section where customers can Order Online to the specific store and view the Menu's Special Offers and location details.

What you didn't know

There are all kinds of myths about buying a franchise. Some are true and some aren't, so we're setting the record straight on some of the most common ones:

You have to be a millionaire to invest.

No. You actually need at least £ 60K to invest.

You need restaurant experience.

Not necessarily. We believe in creating an HONEST, OPEN and TRANSPARENT long term mutually beneficial relationship for everyone in the Maeme's family.

You will have Two months of unpaid training.

True. You will have Two months of unpaid training to learn how our system works. First you have to "Learn" after that you can remove "L".

You will have to divest yourself from other business interests.

Of course. You will have to divest yourself to give all your attention to Maeme's Franchise.

You will have to relocate.

Not necessarily. If our Franhise experts thinks so than you have to relocate.

You will have to pay ongoing fees.

True. You'll pay monthly percentage fee based on the sales plus fees for the use of the Maeme's system.

You will spend 5% of your sales on advertising

Yes. It's not for us it's for you.